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Learn how Pitchago AI helps accelerate growth readiness in a systematic and highly efficient way.

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Pitchago uses AI and proprietary algorithms to analyze early-stage venture data and to calculate standardized Venture Scores. The system also presents best-practice advice for leveling up at each venture stage. Our AI assistant will even generate a personalized elevator pitch! * Coming Q4

Pitchago provides previously inaccessible insights, allowing entrepreneurs to quickly assess their readiness for external investment and receive auto-advising to help focus on the activities that will propel the business forward.

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Quick Assessment

Assessment Report Optimising Entrepreneur's Readiness.

Take our free Quick Assessment and find out in 5 minutes and 10 easy steps if your venture is investor ready!

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For Founders

Pitchago assesses founders' company growth and investment readiness, then matches them with ideal funding and support based on their Venture Score and financial factors. Category-specific levels highlight achieved milestones and guide founders' path to levelling up.

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For Investors

A white-labeled investor portal that allows capital allocators to collaborate, evaluate, monitor, and connect on a quality data-first-basis with matching startups, using maturity assessment and data-driven Venture Scoring.

Turn insights into actions

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Venture Stage &
Investment Level

Knowing what stages are involved in obtaining investment means you can plan your time and resources well in advance

Prerequisites & Milestones

Discover the prerequisites
needed for each venture stage
as well as red flags or positive
signs for your venture

Level Up Wizard

Automate level-up actions for any given business area with this quick assessment that
automates a prioritized action plan.

360° Overview

Get a comprehensive overview of your company and each business area. Identify the gaps that need to be addressed and areas that require focus.

Level Up Advice

Consistent improvements to enhance your small business are critical for its success and sustainability

Upcoming Tasks

View and prioritize your actions that are generated both automatically or manually.

Quick Assessment

Assessment Report Optimising Entrepreneur's Readiness.

Take our free Quick Assessment and find out in 5 minutes and 10 easy steps if your venture is investor ready!

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Continuous improvement

Access Advice and Knowledge on Your Terms

Pitchago takes you on a constant improvement journey with daily exercises and suggested actions to help you focus on what’s important and how to grow faster! Companies that can successfully implement continuous development throughout their organization can keep ahead of the game. If you don’t know where to start, Pitchago’s AI engine  will guide you on this journey to the Business Areas that are underperforming. The idea is that Pitchago will remind you to pay attention to your weaknesses and where you will need to focus on curing capital investment.

Collaboration Made Easy

Powerful Alone, Better Together

We understand the importance of collaboration for working on urgent execution issues and quarterly strategic planning. That's why Pitchago is designed to be multiplayer, bringing team collaboration into a single, powerful platform to help the team get on the same page when working out priorities, OKRs, etc. With Pitchago, your teams can stay connected on one platform for strategic and tactical planning, no matter where they're physically located. From sales to product development and funding, our platform allows you to collaborate seamlessly, sharing real-time insights, tasks, and progress updates.

Share Your Results and Company Profile

Communicate Your Progress with Confidence

At Pitchago, transparency and communication are essential for business success. That's why we've included a "share button" feature in our platform, allowing you to easily share your summary results and company profile with outside investors and advisors.When you share your results, you can confidently communicate your progress, highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement. Please note that we always prioritize your privacy and confidentiality. Nothing you enter into Pitchago will be shared with anyone unless you choose to do so.

Get Your Venture Score

What Our Users Are Saying

"As an entrepreneur, navigating uncertainties, estimations, and emotions is integral to running a business. However, shedding light on the unknown can benefit both the founder and the company. Pitchago provides a comprehensive approach to reality-check the status of your startup by highlighting critical uncertainties. I recommend that every founder take the time to walk through the steps and utilize the platform."

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David Maars, CEO and Founder of Orbi

CEO and Founder of Orbi

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"Pitchago is a great tool to get a quick sanity check on where you stand with your company, the state of maturity, the assessment of your valuation, and a recommended range of financing. Digging deeper into Pitchago, it identifies areas of improvement and offers practical advice on actions to be taken. The depth and relevance of both analysis and recommended actions are truly impressive."

Walter Schumann

Founder & CEO, INLYSE

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“The more we have been using Pitchago to analyze target companies and also for our internal review, the more we have learned of the multiple applications for the platform. With the need to get comfortable with a more distant and online working environment, we can see that we will be using Pitchago as a monitoring tool for portfolio companies, allowing us to track progress across different parts of the business.”

Franz-Anton Leibenfrost

Franz-Anton Leibenfrost

Founder of Nxtgen Ventures

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