Pitchago AB, reg. no. 559284-6470, (”Pitchago” or ”we”) uses cookies on our website. For information on how we process the personal data collected, please see our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file sent from a website to your web browser, and stored on your device’s hard drive, when you visit a website that uses cookies. Cookies are widely used both in order for websites to function and in order to improve your user experience, by personalising content and relevant advertising. As owner of the website, Pitchago receives information collected from the cookies. In this policy, you will find what cookies we use, why we use them and for how long they are stored on your device.

What cookies do we use?

Pitchago uses both strictly necessary cookies and cookies for statistical and analytical purposes.

There are different types of cookies, which can be categorised both based on their origin and based on how long they are stored on your device. A session cookie is sent to your device so that the websites can function properly during your visit and is not stored on your device; it is erased when you close down your web browser. A permanent cookie, on the other hand, is stored on your web browser, allowing websites to recognise your device’s IP address even if you turn off your computer or log out between visits. Permanent cookies are stored until their pre-set expiry date, however, you may also manually delete them.

Pitchago uses cookies that derive from a domain different than the domain of our website (i.e. third-party cookies), e.g. from websites of analytical and statistical companies, in order to improve your visit on our website. These are further described below. 

How do we use cookies?

Pitchago uses cookies to improve your visit on our website, e.g. in order to, (i) adjust the website settings based on your interest and choices (e.g. language preferences) (ii) evaluate user’s use of the website; and (iii) ensure that users are logged in on the website and thus do not need to log in on every visit.

Permanent cookies may sometimes be used in order to store users’ personal settings on the Pitchago website, so that users e.g. do not have to fill in settings every time you visit Pitchago’s website.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies, which allow an analysis of the use of this website. The information that cookies generate in relation to this website is usually transmitted to Google’s server in the U.S., where it is stored. 

You can prevent Google from collecting the data generated by these cookies by placing a so-called "opt-out cookie" on your computer. Click here to learn how to implement it.

Microsoft Azure App Service

Our Pitchago app uses Microsoft Azure App Service, a cloud computing platform provided by Microsoft Corporation’s (“Microsoft Corp.”) subsidiary Microsoft Azure. This platform uses cookies to function properly, and are strictly necessary cookies.

Microsoft Azure Application Insights

Our Pitchago app uses Microsoft Azure Application Insights, an analytical service provided by Microsoft Corp.’s subsidiary Microsoft Azure. This service uses cookies for session tracking and user behaviour analysis. The information that cookies generate in relation to this website is transferred to the Azure datacenter in Netherlands. These cookies are optional.


Iubenda is a cookie solution provider that helps keep track of your cookie preferences. These cookies are strictly necessary cookies.

How do I avoid cookies?

By allowing cookies and/or by subscribing as a member – and subsequently accepting Pitchago’s Privacy Policy – you are accepting that we use cookies in accordance with this policy.

You may also choose to opt-out from optional cookies via the cookie solution on the website.

Web browsers often have a default setting that accepts the use of cookies. If you do not accept that we use cookies, you may easily deactivate or restrict the transmission of cookies that are not necessary for the functioning of our website. This is done by changing the settings of your web browser. These settings are often found in the “Tools” or “Preferences” menu (please refer to your web browser’s help section). You can also set a preference through which you are not asked every time Pitchago’s website tries to place a cookie on your device.

Please note that you may, at any time, manually delete previously stored cookies on your device’s hard drive. Please see your web browser’s help section for more information.

Please note that should you not allow cookies when visiting our website, you might not be able to use all of the functions on our website to the full extent.

Contact details

If you have a question regarding cookies or privacy, please feel free to contact us at

You can always find the latest updated version of our Cookie Policy on our website.

This Cookie Policy was last updated 2021-04-12.

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