Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see my Pitchago User Data, and is it kept private?

Only you can see your Pitchago User Data by accessing the platform with your username and password. When using the Platform, Pitchago will process personal data for which Pitchago is the data controller and is responsible for ensuring that the processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with applicable law and this privacy policy. We take necessary measures to ensure that we are processing your data in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner. You can always ask us to remove your data by sending an email to You can read more about our privacy policy here:

Will Pitchago help produce my pitch deck?

Pitchago will not auto-produce your pitch deck, but it will help you check what’s needed in a deck and how you prepare for your pitch. More importantly, Pitchago will give you the investor questions that will be asked during and after your pitch and in the all-important follow meetings towards getting a term-sheet!

I already closed a funding round - can I still get value from Pitchago?

Yes! Pitchago will help you to constantly level up to reach the next stage of your Venture. The platform provides advice and suggested actions and milestones based on your next targeted investment level. In addition, Pitchago will focus your attention on business areas where you have gaps and level up to be ready for the next level of funding. So you’re on a continuous improvement plan!

I’m bootstrapped - can I still get value from Pitchago?

Yes! Pitchago will help you constantly level up to reach your venture’s next stage regardless of whether you manage to grow without outside capital. The platform provides advice and suggested actions and milestones based on your next targeted venture stage as you scale up. Then you will still get the investment criteria in terms of typical milestones and characteristics depending on how you score. Regardless of whether you are self-funded, Pitchago will focus your attention on business areas where you have gaps and need to level up to reach your next growth and venture target. You’re on a continuous improvement plan.

How do I create a Pitchago Account?

Start by taking the Initial Assessment (, and once you have received your result and reached the Pitchago Dashboard, you can create an account by selecting the “Next Step” option

What is Pitchago?

The Pitchago Application ( provides a structured process of self-assessing early-stage ventures’ readiness for securing external investment and providing auto-advising for entrepreneurs on how to improve their growth capabilities constantly.

Does Pitchago cost anything to use?

Pitchago is a free service today with a planned Premium Version to be launched in the future.

Will Pitchago help me find investors?

Pitchago does not offer connections with investors right now, but we plan to work with affiliates that will use your Picthago profile data to match you to the right investor!

How do I understand all investment and tech terms - is there a glossary?

Yes, we have put together a Venturpedia (link) to search and find most of the terms and abbreviations used in the platform

How do I get my management team to collaborate with my Pitchago data?

Right now, Pitchago is a single-user system where your user name & password will grant access to the data. So right now, you will need to share your screen with your team if you are running business improvement and funding preparation work-shops around Pitchago. However, Pitchago will release a version with multi-user and shared collaboration soon.

What information is visible when I share my result?

The recipient will have access to the results page, which consists of the graphical overview of all 16 business areas, your venture stage, investment level, prerequisites, positive signs, and red flags. In addition, information regarding the business model type, industry sector, product stage, and how much you are looking to raise will be included. However, they won't see the breakdown of the questions or any comments you have written in the notes section.

How do I share my results?

- Login to your Pitchago account and select the “Share” option in the top right-hand corner. - Select the option to “Enable Sharing.” - Copy the link provided to allow your audience to view your score and summary of your results.

I want to delete my account on Pitchago

We are sorry to see you go, and please let us know if there is anything that we can do to change your mind. Accounts can be deleted by sending a request to

I have not received an email containing my report

Please check your Spam folder for the email. If it is not in your spam folder, please email us at

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