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Investors: Quickly Qualify Startup Ventures

Investors can use Pitchago to quickly evaluate startups and determine if they are a good fit based on their venture stage, traction, and business model. Entrepreneurs contacting the investor can take the Initial Assessment and use the sharing function to share their Investment Readiness Score result. The platform can also monitor existing portfolio companies and track progress ahead of the next fund-raise.

An improved screening process

Accelerators: Select the best candidates

Accelerators and incubators can use Pitchago to automate the entrepreneurial admission phase to assess a good fit. Entrepreneurs contacting the accelerator or incubator will be asked to take the Pitchago Initial Assessment and share their Investment Readiness Score. Accelerators and incubators also use Pitchago with existing portfolio companies to measure and track progress ahead of “demo day” and the next fund-raise.

Quick Assessment

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What Investors Are Saying

“Pitchago is a quick and easy way for us to get a professional external assessment of our new investments and existing portfolio companies. I would recommend Pitchago to entrepreneurs ranging from startups to scale-ups (Series A+) to use Pitchago. Both to understand where they stand and get action-based advice on how to level up and secure external capital."

Kristoffer Lind

Partner and Co-Founder, Moiën Invest AB

"I think Pitchago is a great and clever way for entrepreneurs to immediately assess their maturity in the different stages of investments. The advice is beneficial when prioritizing focus, both in a pitch and in areas of improvement. I intend to use Pitchago as a tool to assess the companies I'm evaluating. It‘s a massive value for both me and them.”

Peter Gustafsson

Professional Angel investor and growth advisor

“The more we have been using Pitchago analyzing target companies and also for our internal review, the more we have learned of the multiple applications for the platform. With the need to get comfortable with a more distant and online working environment, we can see that we will be using Pitchago as a monitoring tool for portfolio companies, allowing us to track progress across different parts of the business.”

Franz-Anton Leibenfrost

Founder of Nxtgen Ventures

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